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Bonney Lake High School Library Resource Center

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G e n e r a l   I n f o r m a t i o n

Mrs. Teppo, the librarian, is available to assist you with your research or just to help you find a great book to read.  In addition, listed below are some basic services and major resources to support you as you read and research for your classes and your own pleasure.  Please do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Teppo or Mrs. Palumbo (the library secretary) if you have questions or require assistance.

You must have your current student ID card to check out any regular library book or text book.  There are several legal and common-sense reasons for this rule.  If you lose your card, you can purchase a new one for $5.00 from the bookkeeper before school, after school, or during lunches any day of the week. New cards are printed every Friday and can be picked up at the CIC in the Commons.

Destiny, our database of library materials (not textbooks), is available to access from home or school.
You can find books two ways: here in the library--using the link above or Mrs. Teppo--or online through our database of online print resources.  

You may check out and borrow two books/magazines at a time, for two weeks.  If you need to keep it longer, please bring the book/magazine in and and renewit .  If a book has a request or a hold on it, it is due after you have had one renewal--or a total of four weeks.

• Find a book you want, but you forgot or misplaced your card?  We can hold it behind the desk for you for up to one week.

•  Is the book you want checked out already?  See the library secretary to put a hold on the book.  When it comes in, we'll call you up to check it out.

We love it when you check books out, but if you abuse or lose a book, you are responsible for a partial to full replacement fine.  That fine must be paid before the end of the school year--cash, check, or charge--to the bookkeeper before school, after school, or during lunches any day of the week. suspend your own right to check out items if you:
1.  forget your ASB/student ID card
2.  lose your ASB/student ID card--and do not purchase a new one
2.  have overdue items checked out
3.  owe a fine for a library book

You can find magazine or newspapers articles that fit a research topic by searching in three areas:

1. the online databases (at school or at home)

2. the actual magazines and newspapers we have on display in the LRC

• The latest issue of the magazines and newspapers we carry are on display.

• The previous issues of the magazines and newspapers we carry are archived in our back room for a minimum of six years.

You may borrow any archived magazine by checking it out as one of your two allowed, checked-out items from the regular LRC collection.  Or you can check out two magazines if you have no books out.

Checking out a magazine is just like checking out a book:

•  If it comes back damaged, altered, or it is lost, you pay a replacement fee for the issue.

•  It is due in two weeks.

If you do not have a library card for your local library, you will be happily suprised at how easy and fast it is to get one.  Bring an ID and a piece of mail with your name on it down to your local library and get a card!  You'll be glad you did.  Having a public library card gives you access to computers, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and more books, magazines, and newspapers than our library could ever afford.  Plus the librarians there are skilled, helpful, and willing to answer your questions or provide help as you work on research for yourself or for class.

"Which public library can I use?"

The neat thing about public libraries is you are eligible for a card if you live in the area of domain for that library.  If you happen to split your time between two households, you might be eligible to check out materials from more than one library system.  If you have questions, give the library a call, and start with the Pierce County system first; the numbers are below.

"Does the public library have the book, movie, or CD I'm looking for?"
Pierce County Public Library (253-536-6500)
Puyallup Public Library (253-841-5454)
Tacoma Public Library (253-591-5666)
King County Public Library (see all the branch phone numbers at their site)
Seattle Public Library (206-386-4636)


Writing Center
Our BLHS theme readers, Ms. French and Ms. Nicols, are available to help you in the Writing Center with everything from planning your essay to checking the final draft!  You can see them in the LRC, e-mail them: or or call the front office at 253-891-5700, and request to be transferred to their office phone.  
Writing Center Hours: 7:05 A.M. - 3:00 P.M., Monday-Friday.
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