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Pop Music 1900-1920
POP MUSIC 1900-1920 LINKS:

Written by two high school students and published by their teacher, this is a nice summary of many cultural aspects of the early 1900s just to get you going in a basic way.

Written and maintained by Peggy Whitley from Kingwood College, these pages contain a very professional but brief summary of many aspects of the early 1900s.

A timeline of events from 1900-1920--from Teachnet.

History of The Musical Stage: 1900-1910: "Skipping a Beat, Singing a Dream"
by John Kenrick

History of The Musical Stage: 1910-1919: Part I, by John Kenrick

1900-1910, Give My Regards To Broadway!

Top songs of the first 2 decades!

The list of the 365 top songs of the 20th century, as selected by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Recording Industry Association of America.

Browse sheet music from each decade of the 20th century.

History of fashion: 1900-1910

History of fashion: 1910-1920

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